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Horizontal Milling Machine Production

1, Super Audio hardening and guidance, greater powers. 2, and using rectangle wave guide of stability good; 3, and spindle bearing and cone roll child bearing, hosted capacity, and energy brake, business power moment, block fast, reliable of brake; 4, and main drive and into to are used gear drive institutions, 12 in different of speed, adjustable speed range wide; 5, and mm added long sliding block, 1500mm added long table, table of vertical trip can up 1000mm, long stroke, more strong of stability; 6, and stage is longitudinal, horizontal and longitudinal of manual feedlifting, Vertical, horizontal, and achieved powered by fast forward, and vertical movement of the feed for electric elevators; 7, spindle sleeve can micro-feed manually, and limit device, the milling head clockwise and counter clockwise 45 ° adjustment.

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