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Construction Machinery Presents Great Potential For New Trends In Intelligent Green Direction

Fast growth in China's economy has entered and the transformation and upgrading of the economic cycle, combined with the basic situation of China's macro-economy, 2014 construction machinery industry will undertake two years of slow growth, as of November 2014, mining machinery production 85032, 18.1% compared over the same period last year, is expected to the year 2014 fell 22%. Although the macroeconomic downside pressure, but pre-adjustable micro-steady growth as the country's implementation of the policy, will further improve the business environment for enterprises, industry will rebound momentum, domestic market demand for excavators is expected in 2016 will be increased gradually. However, as infrastructure construction of machinery and equipment, excavator of the steady growth in demand in the market at the same time, also plays in environmental damage, depletion of natural resources a negative role.

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