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China In 2015 The Evolution Tendency Of Hydraulic Machine

Hydraulic press is based on ordinary mechanical forging machine developed step by step. Hydraulic machine was made in 1953 in Shenyang of China's first successful, at first due to the hydraulic and hydraulic limitations of basic components, hydraulic press start is comparatively slow. In recent years, due to the development of hydraulic technology, making hydraulic machine has entered a golden period of high-speed development. In 2000, less than 10 million tons in China before press, 2006 year alone invested tons of press had 17, and in 2008 by adding 10 new, two-year total number of more than 50 years after the founding of development. At present small and medium tonnage hydraulic presses demand the demand is far greater than the Wan ton hydraulic press, free forging hydraulic press tonnage ranging from 800 to 5000 tons, forged 5 tons to 60 tons of steel.

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