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2013 Prospects Of Development Trend Of China's Machine Tool 2014

Analysis of the information from all sides, the current situation has emerged of the domestic machine tool market rebounded at the end of the future market, although there are many uncertain factors, but more companies are confident about 2010 machine tool market. After the crisis of market competition is the competition of soft power, the economic recovery may take a long time, during this period, many companies continue to increase product innovation, pay special attention to the product upgrade, upcoming development opportunities to make adequate preparations. Speed up the transformation and upgrading has become a response to the financial crisis, and an important measure to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, which strategies for enterprise survival and development of enterprises is important. More of 2013 statistics, market common, low-grade CNC machine tool demand has shrunk dramatically, large, heavy and stable demand of high-end CNC machine tools. Machine continues to high-end and large changes in the structure, from the price of imported machine tools can see this trend.

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