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Using drilling-milling machine for boring and milling around the need for attention to matters

1. operations should carefully review and locking equipment is in good condition normal. 2. adjustment milling boring Shi should attention: lifting boring spindle box zhiqian, to first release column Shang of clip tight equipment, or will makes boring Rod twists and turns and the clip tight equipment damaged and formed hurt accident; loaded boring Rod Qian should carefully view spindle hole and boring rod is has damage, is cleaning, device Shi don't with hammer and other things percussion boring rod, forced boring Rod through tail seat bracket. 3. work-important strong and jobs should not be loose. 4. when the job started, using hand feeding into, when a tool in machining parts and power feed. 5. when things are in the operating position when parking or driving, staying away from the job position, driving or parking. 6. the machine work, do not stretch job; when inspecting workpieces, such as hand knife collision risk, should view the knife before its retreat to a safe location. 7. large boring machine should be equipped with a ladder or steps, so that the operation and investigation. Ladder tilt should not be greater than 50 degrees, and is equipped with non-slip feet.

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