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How to identify hand punching quality

1, see signs 10 year punch does not recommend the purchase, old problems, super service, safety and quality are not reliable. 2, listen to sounds, to observe parts of the abnormal noise is a key part. If the flywheel rotates, and indicated that the use of fuel is not enough, the flywheel bearing wear. If stamping each trip, the slider vibrations sound great, it means the crankshaft clearance is very large, the serious, the vertical accuracy is not high. 3, see the Guide, the guide is important to ensure the accuracy of press parts, try playing a few times, see if rail lubrication full and serious wear. Wear the accuracy is not high by 4, parallelism, and parallelism of table and slippery ground, can slide by a dial gauge placed on the table, head against the slider. Sliding back and forth and see if parallelism is good enough. GB 60T punch, is per 10CM allow 0.1mm. Exceeding this value indicates not machine parallelism. Need to be adjusted.

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