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Homemade CNC drilling and milling machines usher in a new period

Domestic drilling and milling machine orders also presented a marked decline in these two years, although consumption of machine tools in China for 10 consecutive years ranked first in the world, has become the world's most active machine market, but high-end domestic machine tool market share is still lacking, gantry drilling, milling machine industry structure adjustment and promotion of commodities is imperative. Experts indicate that machine occupation time has now come for change in China, market competitiveness in China machine tools for milling machine occupation the central mission, according to the data of "Miller's market share is decreasing, reduced from 30.1% in 2000 to 28.1% in 2003, needs to spend billions of dollars each year importing high-end CNC machine tools. "This is constrained by the situation over the longer term, it will constitute a threat to safe operation of China's economy.

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