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Drilling and milling machine life and proper maintenance of great relevance

1, and guarantee drill milling machine in accordance with manual of requests received good power, and accurate reliable grounding; 2, and on machine for any adjustment, repair or conservation Shi, must to intercept power; 3, and machine Shang all can mobile of parts in lock tight status Shi, not allows mobile the parts, avoid damaged machine; 4, and Dang spindle motor is work Shi, shall not speed, speed Shi should in parking car status Xia for; 5, and in engine bed Qian to guarantee artifacts and tool device in place. Never touch case engine parts and tools, as long as the machine after reaching the safe speed, before they can start processing 6, in order to avoid countertop, screw and wear of the rail surface, advocates may often change work surface workpiece clamping position;

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