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Drilling and milling machine cylinder slow problem analysis

First, you should see the milling and drilling speed control valve, if speed control valve is loose, you should adjust the speed control valve later determined. Second, view the load change is changing for milling and drilling, such as changes in demand after the equipment of speed control valve to regulate, and then adjust the device using pressure. Anything else, needs time to view pressure to change that if demand for re-adjust the milling and drilling supply pressure too low pressure and redefined. Other still needs to see the device filter is not blocked, such as blocking needs to collect. Pressure change are the main reason for slower drilling machine cylinder, pressure machine operators often demand viewing. In addition, it also needs to see drilling and milling machine smooth system condition, smooth side will cause friction if system increased, this situation appropriately compensate for smooth solutions. Finally, still need to understand the use of milling and drilling, it needs to equipment operators understand the situation.

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