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CNC punching machine for which industry

NCT is CNC turret punch presses (Numerical Control Turret Punch Press) English abbreviation. CNC turret punch presses (NCT) set of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, gas in integration, was conducted on a plate punching pressure, shallow drawing forming and processing equipment. CNC turret punch presses (NCT) under computer control systems, mechanical, or hydraulic power systems, servo-feeder, mold, mold selection system, external programming, system, etc. CNC turret punch presses (NCT) is through the programming software (or manually) preparation process, servo feed mechanism to send sheets to the required processing location, and by select system select the stencil library of die mold, stamping according to procedures of the hydraulic power system, automated processing of the workpiece. CNC turret punch presses (NCT) throat depth is the distance between punch and bed side panel. Deep throat directly determine the size of processed plate width size (that is, processing the length along the bed sheet sizes).

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